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    A jump shot is indispensable for a basketball player. Based on the stand shot, it gives you the chance to shoot over a defender with less chance of blottkètéi1 or intercept. A jump shot can also be used for a long distance shot attempt, while a hook shot is an outrageous but useful technique.


    Try to practice as much as possible. Repeat one series of shots from one point in the bucket and don’t move to another point until you have scored a number of times. Work together with your coach on improving your shot.


    The three-point line runs in a curve 6.25 metres around the basket. You can use the same technique for shooting from this distance as for a stand shot or jump shot. You have to put off your legs well and your body, hand, arm and elbow have to stay on one line for accuracy.

    Step back, jump shot

    To get extra room for a shot over a mandecker this attacker (black) begins to step back. He pivots on the right, so he starts stepping backwards with the left. At the same time, he leans backwards and brings the ball into the right position for a shot. The attacker bends his knees. with his jump shot up to jump. The defender jumps forward, but because of the jump and the outstretched arms of the striker he cannot reach the ball. The attacker releases the ball at the highest point.


    A lay-up requires flexibility and a good rhythm. It is often used as a warm-up and beginners should practice lay-ups as often as possible, from both sides of the basket. For beginners it is sometimes useful to divide the movement in two - the big step and jump to the board, and from a standstill jump up and shoot. In the course of time, you’ll know from which angle to bounce the ball on the board and how much force is needed to get it into the basket. is coming.

    Clara R. Stam
    Clara R. Stam
    Basketball fanatic and experienced youth basketball coach