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When you receive the ball, you have to catch it fully ‘concentrated’ with your hands. Afterwards, you have many possibilities, especially in d~ triple threat position.


This posture is so called because from here you can easily can decide to pass, dribble or shoot. Not only do you have a lot of possibilities, but an opponent doesn’t know what danger he should be aware of.


Often you get the ball on foot. You can come to a standstill in two ways At the double stop, a foot hits the ground first, which becomes your pivot foot At a jump stop you land on two feet and can choose what becomes your pivot foot The pivot foot stays on the same spot and with the other foot you step around it. By pivoting you can turn in two directions. Very important to get space for a pass or a shot.


In a feint (fake) you seem to do something, but you do something else. For example, you fake a pass to the left, but turn and throw to the right. A fake has to be convincing to deceive the defender. Then you have to perform the real move quickly before the defender has recovered


Knowing which pass to use when is something you all learn, o with a lot of practice and competitorva~_ing. It’s very important that you don’t take too long to pass, otherwise your opponent will be able to guess what’s going to happen. Then he can intercept your pass. By pivoting and faking a dribble, shot or pass in different directions, you can conceal


Dribbling is bouncing the ball with one hand and moving it across the field. While dribbling, you can reach different corners of the field and shoot at the basket.


For good dribbling you need smooth hand movements. You get a good rhythm - by pushing the ball down, not hitting it It is worth practising this during training and wherever you can As you get better, you can , you hold your head up and see what’s going on around you. You may change hands while dribbling. But you must not catch the ball in both hands and then dribble again It’s called a double dribble.


The basic technique can be adjusted. A player can change the pushing the ball down harder and out in front of him in a power dribble. This happens when he makes a fast break and he has a lot of free space in front of him. With a reverse dribble, you change direction quickly by turning, while a hand change is handy to put a defender on some

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